Implant Abutments

Custom Dental Implant Abutments in Taylorsville, Salt Lake City

To provide a truly customized treatment for your patients, the materials and components you use to create a natural-looking, stable smile are important. At Digital Contour Lab, we create custom implant abutments in Salt Lake City to support your ability to craft a beautiful smile. Whether your practice places implants or you only craft restorations, custom dental implant abutments can leave your patients feeling satisfied with their new teeth.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials and providing excellent service to every dentist who uses our lab. Our skilled technicians are passionate about helping you create the smiles your patient deserves and exceeding your expectations. If you're looking to offer custom abutments, call us to request a quote today!



What Is a Custom Dental Implant Abutment?

A custom dental implant abutment is designed to fit your patient's exact gingival architecture, sitting flush with the gum line. While stock abutments are typically cheaper and don't require lab time to create, a custom abutment provides the precise and predictable results your patients expect. Our custom abutments are manufactured to create the right fit between the implant post and final restoration. We offer options including titanium and gold anodized abutments to fit your patients' needs. Here is what you can expect from our custom implant abutments:

  • 501k Clearance: Digital Contour Lab is an FDA-licensed manufacturer of custom implant abutments.
  • CAD/CAM: Our digital process offers excellent results with a precise fit and convenience for you and your patients. We design each custom abutment to your patient's exact specifications.
  • Compatibility: We follow OEM standards to fit your implant system. Our quality materials also offer excellent biocompatibility for your patients.

Why Choose Custom Implant Abutments?

Overall, custom abutments are a more versatile option than stock abutments. Implant abutments must offer long-term strength, stability, biocompatibility, and corrosion resistance. A common issue with stock abutments is a lack of support due to the length of the abutment, resulting in the final restoration being unstable. Instability can also be caused by the margins of the abutment being significantly below the gum line, impacting the ratio of restoration to implant post and making it difficult to place the restoration itself.

With a custom abutment fitting snugly in your patient's emergence profile, you can have more peace of mind that your patient's implant will last. Using a custom dental implant abutment for your patients:

  • Simplifies restoration delivery
  • Allows for a precise fit with minimal chairside adjustments
  • Establishes optimal margins at the gum line
  • Sets up for a natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing restoration
  • Fits a variety of implant systems
  • Delivers more optimal results for complex cases

FAQs About Our Custom Abutments

Whether you're an experienced dental implant provider or are new to this kind of restorative dentistry, it's natural to have questions about all the potential factors involved with custom abutments. Our team of lab technicians is concerned with your satisfaction and your patient's health. We are happy to answer your questions or address concerns to help you feel confident about choosing our dental lab. Some frequently asked questions we get include:

What are gold-anodized titanium abutments?

Gold anodization is the method of applying titanium nitride to a titanium abutment to give it a gold hue. It's especially desirable when the aesthetics of your patient's teeth are important, such as implants in the smile zone. If the gum tissue is thin, naturally colored titanium may show through, revealing the abutment underneath. The golden tint makes the restoration less obtrusive, preserving your patient's aesthetic. This type of abutment is not suitable for all types of crowns. Our technicians can help you decide if this is the best choice for your patient's smile.

Absolutely! If your patient has multiple implants that need abutments, you can place them in a single order, making it more convenient for you and your patient.

Especially during the healing period after implant placement, the gum tissue may change shape and require some minor chairside adjustments to help the abutment fit. Along with creating a more precise fit, custom abutments should also make fitting and placing the final restoration easier. If the abutment doesn't fit, please contact our lab so we can make it right.

Implant Abutments in Salt Lake City For Your Practice

At Digital Contour Lab, we are proud to offer custom implant abutments in Salt Lake City to local dentists like you. Whether you're new to offering dental implants or are just looking to take your practice to the next level, you can trust our team of technicians. By using our custom abutments, you will gain peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to support the longevity of their smile. To learn more about how we can assist your practice, give us a call today!




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