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When your patients are grinding their teeth at night, it can be difficult to protect their smile without the right tools. At Digital Contour Lab, we create high-quality dental nightguards to help preserve your patients' oral health and prevent bruxism from doing further damage. We strive to be your trusted dental lab for nightguards in Salt Lake City so you have a partner that cares about your patients as much as you do.

By offering nightguards through our dental lab, your patients will have confidence and peace of mind that you prioritize their best interests and long-term oral health. Our team wants to exceed your expectations, from the quality of our appliances to how easy it is to work with us. If you are looking to offer custom nightguards at your practice, contact our dental lab today!



How Custom Dental Nightguards Can Benefit Your Patients

If your patient's teeth are showing signs of wear and tear from grinding, dental nightguards can save them from damage that compromises their oral health. Rather than directing them to use off-the-shelf nightguards, which can have mixed results, you can give your patients an effective, reliable way to preserve their teeth. Here are some of the reasons that our dental nightguards could be right for your practice:

  • Custom-fit: Off-the-shelf nightguards are not nearly as precise as custom-made ones. When a nightguard is uncomfortable, your patient is more likely to remove it in the middle of the night or even neglect wearing it altogether. Our nightguards are made to have a comfortable fit that isn't so loose it falls out or so tight that it's painful to wear.
  • Durable construction: A nightguard made of soft plastic or cheap materials will wear out faster. It's inconvenient to purchase a new nightguard frequently, especially with boil-and-bite methods that require creating an impression every time. Our nightguards are durable enough to withstand heavy grinding, so your patient doesn't have to replace them as often.
  • Low-profile: Some nightguards can be so bulky they hinder your patients' breathing, which can cause sleep apnea and other health issues. Patients might also be opposed to the aesthetics of an obvious nightguard. The thin plastic of our custom nightguards allows them to be discreet and unobtrusive.

Creating Quality Nightguards

Our team of highly-trained lab technicians are passionate about helping your patients protect their smile. Each nightguard is custom-made to fit comfortably and precisely, making it easy for your patients to wear it every night. Here is the process you can expect when you choose to order a custom nightguard from our lab:

  1. When you and your patient decide that a nightguard is the best option to prevent further damage due to bruxism, you'll take detailed impressions of your patient's smile. Whether you prefer digital or traditional impressions, we can work with your method of choice. You will then submit the case, including the impressions, to our lab.
  2. Our skilled lab technicians will craft your patient's custom nightguard based upon the impressions provided. We work quickly and with precision to help provide quality and timely results.
  3. Once your office receives the nightguard, you can invite the patient back in for a fitting. You'll make sure that the nightguard fits your patient just.
  4. Your patient enjoys a healthier, happier smile with the help of their new nightguard.

FAQs About Our Dental Nightguards

Whether you already offer dental nightguards or you are looking to expand your practice's offerings, it's natural to have questions. We are passionate about the quality of our work and want to exceed your expectations. Some of the most common questions our clients ask us include:

Can I order multiple sets of nightguards?

Yes! Although our nightguards are durable, if your patient is an especially heavy grinder, their nightguard may wear out with time. We are happy to create multiple sets of custom-fit nightguards.

If, when fitting the nightguard, it doesn't fit your patient at all, please contact our lab so we can make it right. Wearing a nightguard can be an adjustment for some patients, but after a couple of nights of wear, it's common for them to completely forget it's in their mouth.

Depending on how long it's been since your patient last wore their nightguard, they may need new impressions to ensure a comfortable and precise fit. If your patient just needs a new set because their current nightguard is worn out or they recently lost it, then their original digital impressions can be used to fabricate new nightguards.

Custom Dental Nightguards in Salt Lake City

As dentistry evolves and technology improves, it can be difficult to provide everything in-house for your patients. At Digital Contour Lab, we want to help you protect your patients' smiles with dental nightguards. Our team understands how passionate you are about your patients' oral health and well-being, and we're dedicated to providing the quality your patients deserve. If you're looking for a reliable lab that offers dental nightguards in Salt Lake City, you've found the right place. Learn more by giving us a call today!




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