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Dentistry keeps evolving and improving, and the struggle to keep up with innovative restorative techniques and technology can be challenging. Digital Contour Lab strives to give you peace of mind knowing that you're providing your patients with dental crowns that add genuine, long-lived value and function to their smiles. From high-quality crown options to optimizing your workflow with digital dentistry, we strive to be a partner that helps you find success in all the facets of your restorative practice.

We know the proof of your good work is all in the smile. Partnering with a skilled dental lab capable of providing beautiful crowns that you can seat flawlessly will drive new patients to seek your restorative dental services. Contact our lab today and discover a partner committed to helping you revolutionize your restorative practice!


Our Modern Approach to Providing Dental Crowns

Some of our clients are experienced implantologists or periodontists who perform implant procedures at high volume each quarter. Others are practices looking to capitalize on the growing need for dental restorations in the US. Either way, we'll tailor our services to fit your needs. The field of prosthodontics has made advancements in many areas. From single-tooth crowns to implant restorations, our lab is passionate about implementing modern solutions for creating truly exceptional dental prosthetics.

We utilize advanced production technologies and are always updating our crown material offerings to mirror the advancements that are revolutionizing treatment options. Our laboratory is always looking for innovative ways to use computer-aided design and manufacturing to extend our service range, especially for metal-free restorative options.

In addition to advancements in single-tooth crowns, our laboratory recognizes the expanding options that implant dentists have at their disposal. Implant posts continue to shrink in size and grow in effectiveness. This has led researchers to determine that many patients who may not have qualified for dental implants in the past now have new options. Our laboratory is keenly aware of the changing landscape for implant-supported and fixed restorations, and we look forward to exploring our options with your practice.

Dental Implant-Supported Crowns Market on the Rise

This represents a major opportunity for periodontists, implantologists, and dentists to provide restorative services. Whether you're looking to capitalize on this growth or solidify your existing process by partnering with our dependable modern lab, our team at Digital Contour Lab is excited to help you reach your goals.

A Reliable Dental Laboratory in Salt Lake City

Waiting on an unreliable lab that doesn't respect your time or schedule to provide a patient's permanent restoration is always frustrating. It can create a backlog in your appointment book and keep patients waiting. Our lab assists in facilitating your success by providing dental crowns crafted to an exacting standard and consistently delivering them on time. In doing so, we aim to help you reliably schedule procedures. Digital Contour Lab always emphasizes prompt delivery and transparent timetables, all with an eye on helping you streamline your patients' care.

We strive to provide the same attentive service to every client. Whether your team places hundreds of dental crowns every quarter or you need to source dental crowns for patients here and there, we aim to get you what you need when you need it. As the market and your practice change and grow, our Salt Lake City dental crown lab remains committed to meeting your needs and helping you keep your patients smiling on schedule for many years to come.

Our Dental Crown Offerings

No two dental practices are the same, and we understand that your offerings for restorative dental crown materials may vary for several reasons. We always work hard to be inclusive of the general needs of our partners and review market trends to provide crowns that work alongside the innovative approaches many restorative practitioners provide. Depending on your specific needs, we are happy to discuss our available choices to achieve your treatment goals.

Some of the common offerings we provide for our dental partners include:

Full Ceramic: Full ceramic crowns are popular among dentists and patients alike as they achieve many of the functional and aesthetic goals people have in mind for their restorations. Aesthetics are a valuable part of the restoration process, and our full ceramic options achieve the beautiful luster and brilliance that delights your patients. Full ceramic crowns will fit well with many of your pre-treatment procedures and bonding offerings and provide a wonderful choice for restoring anterior dental implants.

Full Cast Crowns: Full-cast crowns have remained an integral part of implant dentistry. Our full cast crowns hold up to even the harshest repeated use. When you need a crown with longevity and biocompatibility, our full-cast dental crowns are an excellent choice.

Zirconia: Our team has extensive experience crafting full-contour zirconia crowns. Generally preferred for posterior restorations, our zirconia crowns offer incredible strength and durability in smile positions where it is needed most. Our medical-grade biocompatible zirconia offer a smooth finish that interacts minimally with the gum line. Our fabrication processes create a consistent fit you can rely on, making placement and adjustment simple as you seat them.

Source Your Dental Crowns From Our Salt Lake City Dental Lab

Providing reliable dental restorations can set your practice apart from your competition. Whether you're an established restorative dental provider or eyeing a shift of focus at your practice, forming a partnership with a dental lab you know can deliver is vital to your success. Digital Contour Lab has an extensive track record of furnishing crowns and a vast array of other prosthetics to dental practices in Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Valley, and all over the United States, and we look forward to helping your practice.

Our vast experience, skill, and advanced technological capabilities will help your restorative operations succeed. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing how our dental crowns and full-service laboratory offerings can revolutionize your restorative practice. Contact us today to discover your source for exceptional dental crowns and a full list of other stellar prosthetics!



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